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A touch of tradition in town centre

Scouts maintained an old tradition in Horsham. Groups across the district marched through the town, starting near the …


Pancake Race draws record entries

Another brilliant year of intense rivalry and fun in glorious sunshine marked the 8th Horsham Pancake Races on …

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Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Edit provided by Rawlison Butler How could you forget?  Well, some people do. If this article prevents a …


Deep blue chip shop blaze

A popular fish and chip shop located down Collets Alley in the Carfax, Horsham caught fire at around …


Piazza Italia 9 returns to Horsham

Horsham’s annual Italian festival is back this easter and this year it’s starting earlier than ever. Due to …

Isabella and Catalina Pearson

Shoppers snap a snowy selfie

Christmas is almost here and everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit in Swan Walk shopping centre, Horsham. …

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