Learn all of the vegan recipes you will ever need with Horsham Chef Day Radley 

Do you want to create tasty vegan food at home? Chef Day Radley founder of The Vegan Chef School who teaches people how to be professional vegan chefs too shows you how with her new Home Cook Vegan Cooking Course.

A series of 7 standalone online courses for budding home cooks to improve their vegan cake making skills, one pot dishes, tofu recipes, delicious breakfasts, easy family meals, dairy free desserts and even how to make your own vegan cheese!  A gluten free version of all recipes is included too.

And as well as each individual course, home cooks can book the entire series of 7 courses which gives you all the recipes you will ever need for a delicious and exciting plant based life!


Chef Day also teaches people who want to be professional vegan chefs in her Fast Track Vegan Chef Course and she has already created 100 professional vegan chefs!

The courses are clearly organised, starting with easy, through to immediate and more challenging vegan recipes. This way of learning creates a deeper understanding for the home cook. Learn the fundamentals of cooking rather than just a collection of recipes.

This process, seeing the links between recipes and techniques, is how Chef Day taught herself how to cook – taking 10 years to achieve – and now she has distilled the lessons she learnt into this course for everyone to benefit from.  

Chef Day has appeared on TV with The Vegan Society and with her friends at BOSH as well as giving talks, radio interviews and weekly Facebook live cook-a-longs during 2020. 

This series of cooking lessons is designed to give budding cooks a great foundational knowledge of a variety of areas of vegan cuisine. The recipes are simple and effective, perfect for the home cook.

Chef Day says:

“I don’t only give you a collection of recipes, I give you the knowledge of why and how these recipes work. Understanding food at this fundamental level gives you the foundation needed to become a creative confident cook.”

In each course you will learn 5 key recipes through instructional video plus 10 written recipes. Chef Day gives clear demonstration videos which guide you through each recipe step by step.

“With each recipe I give you information on troubleshooting, tips for recipe success and highlight every technique you have used. You can also access our support and guidance whilst you work your way through the course.”

Each course comes with an in-depth explanation of all ingredients, techniques and equipment. All written content is downloadable and you can order the full printed course from The Vegan Chef School shop, for an additional fee.

The courses are assessed and attendees gain a certificate when they pass. In order to obtain their certificate of completion photos of all 15 completed recipes must be sent to the school. However if the course can be taken just for fun and participants do not have to submit work or be awarded the certificate.

The series of seven Home Cook Vegan Cooking courses are:

Luscious Cakes – Learn how to bake like a demon – egg and dairy free. From simple light sponges to devilish sweet treats. Learn insider tips and tricks for cakes that you will never know are vegan.

One pot dishes – A game changer for anyone who is short on time and wants to eat healthy tasty food every day of the week. Tasty, easy and a way to make sure you are getting your 5 a day at least!

Tasty Tofu – Tofu can be FANTASTIC! A misunderstood high protein, low fat ingredient that is documented dating back 2000 years.

With just a few simple tricks and a handful of great recipes you will be able to make terrific tofu dishes.

Healthy Breakfasts – These powerhouses of nutrition will start your day with a bang and do not take much time to make. Delicious vegan breakfasts that are healthy and will keep you fuller for longer – as well as giving you an energy boost in the morning.

Vegan Cheese – Our simple cheese recipes are a perfect start to delving into the world of vegan cheese. Impress your family with your own vegan ricotta cheese, a tangy stretchy dairy free cheese, a feta cheese and more.

Easy meals – Family friendly recipes that you can make at home with simple ingredients that can be ordered online or found in supermarkets. Chef Day takes you step by step so your meals from scratch can look and taste like they were created in a restaurant. 

Delicious Desserts – Effective recipes that teach you how to create perfect puds, mousses and meringues. Desserts are the biggest bugbear of vegans everywhere who are fed up with a fruit salad! These step by step recipes show you how to create fantastic dairy and egg free delights.

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