Innovative T&M delighted with launch of self-filling bowsers   

Martin Read – Business Reporter

Not content to sit back on their laurels so soon after receiving highly coveted  global ISO 45001 health and safety management system certification (adding to existing professional accreditations), Partridge Green based T&M Bowser Solutions has launched a further exceptionally innovative development – self-filling bowsers (tankers).  


Working to stringent commercial standards, T&M have long produced bespoke bowsers to fulfil a wide range of technically challenging roles, solving major challenges throughout the road, rail, air, construction and ground investigation work industries, producing considerable professional savings while completing projects reliably, on time and on budget.


T&M operate the largest fleet of 4×4 bowsers in the UK, hiring them out with drivers and cleaners to supply and deliver vital fuel and water supplies, specialising in servicing tight sites and those in remote and demanding locations. And, the new, unique concept allows bowsers to be self-filled direct from static tanks, offering end users numerous benefits including full fuel traceability and safety. Fuel can now be traced accurately from point of delivery to consumption, removing the risk of short delivery by fuel companies, and, more importantly, eliminating a requirement to work at height, while risks of theft and spillage are also avoided.


Such traceability accommodates the variables that greatly impact fuel consumption and efficiency, including the location and duration of jobs, type of plant, time of year, and weather considerations, all of which factors can adversely impact fuel consumption by an estimated 30%.


T&M will manufacture 30, 10,000-litre capacity, self-filling bowsers this year, each allowing use of the bowser’s pump and metering system to load itself, removing the need for expensive pumps and meters on storage tanks, the bowser being connected to the tank with a three-inch pipe with a dry brake coupling, removing the risk of spillage.


Terry Beasley, Managing Director at T&M, says: “Previously, there was a requirement for the bowser driver to climb onto the equipment and fill through the top of the tank, but the T&M solution allows filling at ground-level – that’s quicker and safer than traditional methods, and we’re proud to be the only company that can trace the fuel from the moment it is delivered to site through to it being put in the fuel tank of the machine. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce accidents within the refuelling process, and climbing onto large machinery, carrying a heavy fuel hose, often covered in mud, is inherently dangerous.”


All tanks and bowsers are delivered empty, from T&M’s major compound, with no fuel dispensed without authorisation through the company’s fuel management system. On filling, a data tag is fitted to a machine, with all details loaded onto the system. T&M then authorises fuelling for that plant, and if an item of equipment is off-hired, re-fuelling can be prevented, to enhance security arrangements.


Terry Beasley estimates that implementation of the system also contributes to a time-saving of two hours per vehicle, per day, adding: “Gas oil is now very expensive; it was 8 pence per litre when I started, but is now around 45 ppl, and has even been as high as 86ppl, so the main client expects traceability. Then there’s safety, the elimination of theft, and leakage that leads to water contamination, which is a massive environmental problem.”


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