Friend sets up funding page for Teacher with brain tumour

In 2012 local resident Sarah Dzwonnik (also known as Dizzy to her close friends) was diagnosed with a low grade glioma, more commonly known as a brain tumour. She underwent surgery in 2017 to have the tumour removed, the operation was successful and removed 90 percent of the tumour, thankfully it wasn’t cancerous. Sarah went on to have her first child, Summer in August 2018 and her son, Harrison in 2019.

When having a routine MRI scan in December 2019 (just four months after giving birth to son Harrison) Sarah was told her tumour has spread, confirming she would need to undergo more surgery. Her team of specialists at Haywards Heath Hospital have been continuously monitoring the size of the tumour and putting a detailed treatment plan in place with surgery originally scheduled for 2020 which then got pushed back to 2021 due to Covid-19.

However, last month Sarah had a seizure at the school where she teaches which is expected to be linked to her brain tumour and is now on strong medication which makes her feel extremely fatigued and so is unable to return to work for the time being. She has several consultations scheduled for January 2021 to discuss her upcoming surgery and treatment plan.

Sarah now faces imminent surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible, following the surgery she will have three months of radiotherapy and then three months of chemotherapy.

Due to her recent seizure and her on-going treatment plan she will not be able to care for her family alone whilst she recovers from her operation and continues to fight her battle with this terrible disease.

A fundraiser has been started by her close friend Sarah Langley to try and help cover the costs of her ongoing treatment and aftercare support that her and her family might need, including help with post surgery care, transport costs and childcare support etc.

Sarah is a young mother, partner, sister, auntie and daughter. She has dedicated her life to young children working in a school, teaching nursery to year 2 classes and devoting her life to her two young children.

She is determined to beat the tumour for her two children, Summer (2) and Harrison (1) and would appreciate any help you might be able to give her and her family which could help make their long journey ahead of them a little easier.

The link for Sarah’s funding page is below.

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