Festive Fun at YMCA Horsham Y Centre


Last week Mel Haynes, deputy manager at YMCA DownsLink Group’s Horsham Y Centre, invited the Comms team to visit them and witness the sheer festive magic that they create for their residents every Christmas. Absolutely everyone involved was dressed up in fabulous outfits, including Fergus, the trainee therapy dog. Mel, determined not to let Covid spoil their fun, had even sourced masks with fairy lights. Another, genius touch is the addition of Christmas stickers to the perspex screen on reception (see video) making everyone look festive no matter what they’re wearing. Fergus even gets his own on the door to the back office.The residents taking part, who had decorated over 12 trees, were rewarded with a rather special, marshmallow covered hot chocolate.

Connor one of the residents lost his job as a chef due to Covid-19, but determined to put his skills to good use, will be cooking up a storm on Christmas Day for the residents who will be spending Christmas with YMCA. Local businesses and the community have been donating and the centre now looks suitably festive.

Visit – to find out more or get involved.

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