Planting crocuses in support of Rotary’s ‘End Polio Now’ campaign

Rotary has been getting its green fingers working to turn part of Storrington Memorial Pond into purple blooming spectacles each spring

Members of Storrington & Pulborough District Rotary Club have planted 4,000 purple crocus corms which will be a colourful reminder each spring of the fight for a polio free world.

Purple has become a symbolic colour in the global Rotary campaign to eradicate polio, inspired by the colour of the dye painted on the little finger of a child to signify they have received a potentially life-saving polio vaccine.

Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years and the goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary has reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since the first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. Recently the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Africa region has officially been certified wild polio-free.

Rotary members worldwide have contributed more than $2.1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect nearly 3 billion children in 122 countries from this paralyzing disease and its advocacy efforts have played a role in decisions by governments to contribute more than $10 billion to the effort.

Rotary Club President Pippa Davies commented, “We’re proud to be planting these purple symbols of the Polio campaign. Only together can we end polio and we can all play our part in the continuing global efforts to eradicate the disease.”

Organiser Rob von Bergen said: “The Crocuses will be a fitting reminder of how much work Rotary has done over the years to eradicate Polio and spread some springtime joy”

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