Horsham Freemasons restart hot meal deliveries for the winter months

Horsham Freemasons from the Normandy Centre in Denne Road, Horsham are to restart their hot meal deliveries initiative across the Horsham District area this weekend.

The scheme, which is funded by Horsham Freemasons and being run in conjunction with the Horsham Matters foodbank, will once again see local freemasons deliver a hot, two course, main meal, cooked by Debra Moore, the Chef/Proprietor of The Café, on a Sunday lunchtime every fortnight, to those people who have been locally identified within the Horsham District as vulnerable.

The scheme builds on the success of that run by Horsham Freemasons between May and July this year, when over 350 meals were funded, cooked and delivered to those in the community who, for whatever reason, were unable to cook for themselves or who were struggling to be able to afford them.

As Normandy Centre Chairman Peter Hansen comments “The joint initiative with The Café and Horsham Matters earlier this year was very successful and we have had lots of delighted feedback from those people that we helped support. However, we are now at the start of the winter months when this service is going to be even more vital, so it’s time to work with our Masonic Lodges and partners, The Café and Horsham Matters, and get cooking and delivering again”.

The scheme hopes to deliver meals fortnightly from November to the end of February and it is estimated that scheme will provide a two course hot meal to around 300 people during the four cold winter months.

And as Paula Daly from Horsham Matters says “The need is clear. This meal provision is going to have a big impact on children, families and individuals who are struggling with food poverty right now and we are very grateful to Horsham Freemasons for their practical support in reaching those in need in our community”.

The number of people seeking help from the Horsham Foodbank has shot up since the country locked down in March and between then and now Horsham Foodbank has issued over 6,500 individual parcels. The number of parcels issued in the whole previous financial year was 2,900.

Paul continued “We are supporting many people who have lost their jobs and livelihoods and this current half-term week, at the end of which our first Sunday hot lunch will be prepared and delivered, is the first time ever that we have supplied half term family food packages to children & families who have been referred to us by local schools”.

picture: Peter Hansen, Chairman of the Normandy Centre, Denne Road, Horsham at the Horsham Matters foodbank.

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