Council urges residents to enjoy Halloween safely this year

Following government guidelines, Horsham District Council is encouraging people to celebrate Halloween safely this year, helping to save lives by preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Many Halloween traditions, such as trick or treating, carry a risk and the Council wishes to put out a very clear message: this Halloween, stick to a safer way of having fun.

Rather than going out to different households, the Council is asking residents to think about marking Halloween by hosting safer parties indoors.

Remember the rule of six (you should only meet in groups of no more than six people)

Spend time with people you know – the smaller the group the better

Choose games and activities that don’t use shared items and allows people to stay two metres apart

Don’t share drink or food

Choose a location that allows for social distancing

Provide hand sanitiser and wash your hands often.

Cllr Tricia Youtan, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Matters and Wellbeing said:

“While Halloween is a great time of year for dressing up and having fun, this year we urge families to take part in lower risk activities, such as pumpkin carving or displaying spooky pictures, helping to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus to others.

“As a District, we are doing well so far in curbing the spread of infection and we don’t want to be in a position where we have to introduce tougher measures and local lockdowns, but we need your help to avoid this.”

Lower risk activities to try include:

Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them in your window, or outside

Taking part in a local ‘spot the pumpkin’ trail throughout half term week, where people display pumpkins or Halloween pictures in their windows and you have to try and find them all with your family

Organising a Halloween scavenger hunt, where children from your household are given lists of Halloween-themed things to look for either in your home, or in the garden

Having a virtual Halloween costume competition using zoom or Skype
Having a Halloween film night with your household.

Higher risk activities to avoid this Halloween include:

Participating in traditional trick-or-treating, where treats are handed to children who go door to door

Attending crowded fancy dress parties or any party where there are more than six people

Going to a Halloween decorated house where people may be crowded together.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or you have been told to self-isolate, you should not participate in any in-person Halloween festivities and should not give out sweets to trick-or-treaters.

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