The REC: “Let the good times bowl!”

Bowling, The REC Horsham

The REC Horsham is ready to let the good times bowl! Whilst bowling centres were allowed to open from August 15th, the management team at The REC decided to give themselves the extra 5 days just in case there were any further changes to the rules and regulations surrounding such venues.

The locally run 12 lane centre has altered its approach to bowling so that not only is full compliance met but that customers see much more value in what they pay for.

Introducing ‘power hour’ bowling, visitors can pay just £20 for up to 6 people to play for an hour. This means if you fill a lane you are only paying £3.33 per person per game. It is this new way to play that seems to have excited customers as it’s a race against time to see how many games you squeeze in.

Bowling centres were viewed as an area of concern for many when the easing of lockdown restrictions began. It’s clear why some saw them this way but The REC, combined with the rest of the industry, worked hard to ensure safety, compliance and fun. You can see what The REC Horsham team are doing on their facebook page to make the experience a safe and enjoyable one.

Fun, Value and laughs with The REC

With the popular REC stop cafe, Clubhouse sports bar and The REC itself now open, this independent business has shown tremendous strength through adversity. Many businesses have struggled with the current climate but things are looking good for the multi  purpose leisure facility. Especially with the soon to be launched “The REC rooms 2” showcasing some amazing comedy and music events.

One key aim of this business has been to generate value for its customers. It is rare these days that you could take the Family bowling and spend less than £30. It’s unlikely that you could get a great comedy show for under £20 or a gig for less than £10. The REC is providing all of that and looks forward to seeing what else it can do for the residents of Horsham over the coming months.

If you wish to get yourself in on the bowling action and save some money, book now!




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