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The REC expands amid Corona Crisis

The REC, Horsham’s social hub, is expanding its operation with the addition of a kiosk providing customers with locally sourced coffee, real dairy ice cream selection, homemade cakes and much more.

As Coronavirus puts pay to development across a host of industries, the team at The REC have seen an opportunity and taken it.  What was once a storeroom is now being transformed into a one stop shop for the public to enjoy a host of snacks, treats and drinks.

Named The REC Stop, the kiosk is the fourth part of the business to spring into operation after the successful launch of The REC Rooms, The Clubhouse and The REC. It will also be the first to open since Covid-19 restrictions have been in place, with The Clubhouse sports bar and The REC bowling allow set to follow with July opening dates.

In a prime location, directly on the thoroughfare between the town centre and park the owners hope this valuable addition will be another popular addition to the site they took on just a 2 years ago.  Co-Owner Graham Kempster says, ” We’re delighted to be realising yet another project in the transformation of The REC site. This is another service which our customers and the wider community has been asking for since we took on the building.”

With a provisional opening date of Saturday 13th June and planning to be open from 8am-6pm daily, the kiosk is a positive step at a time when there has been huge uncertainty about how many businesses in the hospitality industry will survive. Pubs, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues are closed with many not likely to return.

Keeping it local is important with both Graham and fellow owner Nick McDowell using businesses from around the area to develop the site. With builders, decorators and carpenters from Horsham and surrounding areas employed to complete the job.

The team are proud of keeping it within the community and hope this latest addition is enjoyed by the locals who visit both the park and town centre. Graham adds, “Hopefully this will go some way to helping make Horsham park an even more successful hub for the community.”

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The REC rooms are currently part of the #saveourvenues campaign, a campaign set up to support live music venues. Read more about it here.


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