Horsham Labour Party help Horsham Matters

Members of Horsham Labour Party have got together to help Horsham Matters support the most vulnerable members of our community during the Coronavirus crisis.   Like so many food banks across the country, Horsham’s food banks, run by Horsham Matters, have been managing a very challenging situation which has seen an unprecedented rise in demand for their services,  while at the same time an initial drop off in donations. The introduction of lock down restrictions has resulted in a change in the public’s food shopping arrangements and a fall in donations made at supermarkets, while many households have seen their income fall drastically due to the economic fall out from the pandemic, resulting in the demand for support from our food banks massively increasing.    


Horsham Labour Party came up with a way to help the food bank meet the increased demand.  Party members have set up collection stations around the town and have encouraged members and neighbours to drop off food donations at these collection points.  The establishment of collection stations has not only highlighted the need for donations but provided a convenient place for those now shopping on line to drop off the food items that they would previously have donated in store.  These donations are collected up regularly by volunteers and dropped off at Horsham Matter’s Micah House office.  Since the lock down on average 60 shopping bags have been dropped of each week.  Horsham Labour Party would like to thanks all those who have contributed in this way, they have enabled the food bank to ensure that those in need of support at this very difficult get the help they need.   

The collections stations are located in the centre of town at 10 Clarence, 44 Hurst and 97 Trafalgar Roads. Donations can be left on the doorstep at any time. Items currently most in need are tinned meats and sponge puddings, though all non perishable food stuffs are always required. 


 Gez Kavanagh who continues to coordinate Horsham Labour’s response can be contacted on 07717 346747 and he will arrange food collections or provide advice on setting up additional collection stations across the district.

Labour Party member and Roffey resident, Sara Loewenthal explains why each week she keeps donating  bags of food each week, “With so many people  feeling the pinch, unable to work and support themselves and their families, donating a few goods to the food bank every week is the very least I can do during the Covid-19 crisis and I’m thankful that I’m fortunate not to need it myself.”

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