Campaign for free massage treatments for NHS heroes

Kirsty Wales Massage Therapies and Massage Warehouse campaign for massage, physical & complementary therapists to donate treatments to NHS workers after Covid-19.

Complementary therapists across the UK are being brought together by Massage
Warehouse and their #massagetherapiststogether campaign to donate free treatments after
Covid-19 to say thank you to our NHS heroes.
Stories abound about life on the frontlines of Covid-19 and the NHS staff working tirelessly to turn the tide.

We are all aware the pressure staff are under is immense and the physical and
mental stress will have a long term effect on their health.
The public at large have been showing their gratitude with heartfelt displays. As therapists, the team at Massage Warehouse were inspired to combine their skills with this wave of
gratitude to give back something tangible as a thank you to our NHS workers for their incredible sacrifices whilst we fight this pandemic.
Massage Warehouse are currently setting up a platform where therapists from a range of disciplines can connect with NHS workers in their area to donate treatments as a way of easing some of the effects of working through this time, including aches and pains, stress
and PTSD.
Complementary therapists from Edinburgh to Exeter are signing up to donate free treatments, from Massage to Reflexology to Reiki, NHS workers can use our interactive map to find a therapist near to them.
So far the campaign is being well received by both the public and the complementary therapy industry as a whole. Currently, over 1000 therapists have signed up to donate treatments. Professional organisations such as FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) and the GCMT (General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies) are both backing the campaign and helping Massage Warehouse spread the word!
Any therapists wishing to sign up to the campaign can find all the details at
Any NHS workers looking to find a therapist in their local area can do so easily using our interactive map;

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