Explore Horsham Park with new A-Z Wildlife Search

From ash trees to zebra jumping spiders, a new A-Z Wildlife Search for Horsham Park will help nature lovers of all ages to explore our beautiful green space over the coming months.


The Wildlife Search has been compiled by the Friends of Horsham Park, the volunteer group set up to protect, enhance and promote the park. It is an easy-to-use sheet showing images of 26 plants and animals which can be spotted in the park over the summer.


The Wildlife Search was created by the group’s newly-appointed conservation director Stefen Hepburn, aged 19, and secretary Alison Farrell. Stefen said: “Horsham Park is home to countless species of plants and animals, but people don’t necessarily think of searching for them. We’ve produced the Wildlife Search to get everyone thinking a bit more about the wildlife that’s under their nose – or over their head – when they walk or sit in the park.


“With the easing of lockdown, the park is set to be a popular place for people to enjoy the wonderful weather, and the wildlife is flourishing. The A-Z Search is a great tool for parents to entertain and educate children, who will enjoy ticking off each species on the sheet – but it’s not just for kids, people of all ages will be able to learn something from it.


Wildlife spotters are encouraged to share their photos from the park – of the items on the Wildlife Search, or others they find of interest – via the Friends’ social media channels:  Facebook: @newfriendsofhorshampark Twitter: @HorshamPark and Instagram: @horshampark


Alison added:  “The observation and identification of natural objects has a very calming effect which promotes both mental and physical well being. It’s also great fun!”


The A-Z Wildlife Search can be downloaded free of charge from the Friends of Horsham website:


The Friends of Horsham Park is a friendly group that welcomes new members, who can become involved in activities such as their weekly volunteer gardening sessions – to be resumed after lockdown. The group welcomes views from all Horsham residents about the park, so please email them at, or follow them on social media.



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