Horsham’s St Mary’s School wins again!

PA Consulting’s national school Raspberry Pi coding competition winners announced

The brightest innovators from UK schools and colleges competed in a virtual judging for the final of PA Consulting’s annual Raspberry Pi programming competition. This year, 14 shortlisted teams were judged on their video submissions which were shared with this year’s expert judging panel.

Entrants to the 2020 competition were tasked to use their ingenuity to create a positive human future by designing the ‘sustainable city of the future’. Teams were asked to imagine a world where, for example, habitats are protected, travel is simple and pollution free or food is sustainably sourced with minimal waste. The winning team in each category will receive £1,000 prize money.

Primary school award, academic years 4-6 won by: St Mary’s School, Horsham

Project: Encouraging sustainable behaviours in school

This system monitors and visualises sustainable behaviours, creating a competitive league within the school and potentially between multiple schools. The system gathers sustainability readings from a variety of Pi sensing modules via a shared cloud database. Schools can choose the modules that highlight their needs, for example, reducing road traffic by encouraging cycling, or reducing energy consumption. Data is captured, and, as scores increase, the projected image becomes progressively greener.

Judges’ comments: We loved the team’s system. It was great to understand how schools can be in competition with each other to show how effective they are in developing renewal energy uses, managing their routes to schools and making their school environments greener.

Finalists: Croydon High School; Ysgol Deganwy

Anita Chandraker, innovation expert and Board member at PA Consulting and is the sponsor for the competition, says: “We are immensely proud to be holding these awards for the eighth year running, and once again really testing the ingenuity of hundreds of young people – aged 8 to 18 – from school and colleges in the UK.

“Of course, this year has been very different. Where normally our finalists would present their inventions to the judges at a physical awards day, we judged virtually using the videos submitted from the teams. Despite this, our judges were blown away by the creativity, originality and inventiveness of the teams in developing their ingenious solutions and their video entries.

For more information about the competition and to see all of the finalists in action visit:

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