Horsham’s Clare’s Cake Boutique bakes cake for Colonel Tom

The incredible work of Colonel Tom Moore warmed the hearts of the Nation, raising millions for charity and being so humble whilst doing so. For many, not only a war hero but a modern day one too

It wasn’t just the fantastic fundraising that was cause for celebration though as he passed the birthday landmark of 100!

Cards and gifts arrived in their thousands and in the typical manner with which Mr Moore has shown us all, he was truly touched by the fact his efforts had bought a smile to us all in such strange times. As with any birthday though you need a cake and that’s where Horsham lady Clare Pope from Clare’s Cake Boutique comes in.

Approached by a PR agency on behalf of Stork Margarine she was given less than a week to design, make and then get it to the birthday  boy with the cake being hand delivered (social distancing obviously monitored!) by the Postmaster General. With the opportunity open to bakers from all around the UK this was a particularly humbling moment for the local cake maker to be chosen.

Clare said, “I was a little shocked that I was asked to be honest as I don’t live near Bedfordshire. I’m still can’t quite believe it actually happened! I had just over a week to put the cake together and models can’t be made in a day as parts need to harden to support the next part etc.. the week of Captain Tom’s birthday I had a few late nights to finish the cake on time!”

If you like the look of Tom’s cake, you can see more of Clare’s work at

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