Coolham Pub doffs cap to WW2 heroes with full size model Spitfire

Belinda Grover & Ken Easton, Landlords of The Selsey Arms Coolham have certainly raised the bar…ehem, with pub frontage ornaments.

A full scale model of a Vickers Supemarine Spitfire (MK IX?), complete with invasion stripes, has appeared on the front lawn of this sleepy West Sussex Hamlet pub.

Ken told The District Post “When we bought the pub in 2018, it came with a wooden boat parked on the front lawn; I joked with Belinda that we should swap it for a Spitfire given the history of the village. So when lockdown was announced, I thought it was a good time to start the build”

For those who don’t know, Coolham was the location of an Advanced Landing Ground used in WW2 to support the
D-Day landings. The grounds were in operation between April 1944 to January 1945 and would have seen mainly Polish and British airmen camped ready for action with The Selsey Arms pub being their source of sustenance and entertainment.

A memorial plaque was unveiled in 2019, just outside the pub to commemorate the 15 young airmen – one Canadian, six British and eight Polish – who gave their lives while serving at Coolham airfield.

The Spitfire is not yet fully operational, but as soon as it’s complete, we’ll let you know.
Chocks away!

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