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Talented Young Chef moves to Horsham

Michael Pearson, (no relation folks! Davey) or Chef Mike as he is known to friends, colleagues and customers, is a 23 year old who has moved his Life from York to run the kitchen at the Kings Arms on the Bishopric in Horsham. We caught up with him to see why he’s moved to Horsham and why the Kings Arms.
“I love pubs” says Chef Mike, “so where some of my former peers in the Catering College had ambitions to work in Hotels or high end Restaurants, I’d much rather build my career so that one day I can run my own pub” When questioned as to why he feels that way Chef Mike responds positively: “A good pub can beat the best Restaurants where food is concerned and I enjoy meeting new people, so when the opportunity arises I enjoy coming out of the Kitchen and chatting with the customers, whether it’s just to say Hello or getting their feedback first hand. You simply can’t do that in a Hotel or a Restaurant”.
And Chef Mike has enjoyed developing new ideas with team at the Kings Arms: “I believe in the food I serve and, of course, the challenge is always to bring people through the door. So we have just introduced a Steak Night on a Tuesday, we have an OAP offer every Wednesday where anyone over 60 gets a 15% discount on any Food every Wednesday, we have a new Burger Menu and new sharing plates of Wings or Ribs that complement the Bar better and we’ve expanded the Main Menu too with the addition of lunchtime sandwiches. Add to that a fantastic Sunday Roast where you can get a main course for £13.50 or 3 courses for £21, and there’s lot’s of reason to visit the Kings Arms for food now. Not least the Great Beer of course”.
On why he has landed at the Kings Arms Chef Mike states: “Well, what a lovely looking pub. When a friend mentioned the opportunity, I obviously looked into the pub and the first thing I noticed was the Gold Medal for Horsham in Bloom – that’s a great start. And aside the history of the place, I recognised that it’s a pub that will be great for a young Chef like me, where I get to put my stamp on things by becoming integral to the pub. It will be my home as well as my workplace, so that’s important for me personally but it will also add value to the pub, hopefully.”
We are sure District Post readers will love the Over 60’s offer on a Wednesday and the whole Menu looks great, the Team at the paper are booked in to eat here soon so we’ll be sure to review the King Arms when we do. As we close our book to head out the door, Chef Mike adds: “And for your readers only Davey, I will offer 10% off food on Friday and Saturday evenings in March for anyone that Books in advance and mentions this offer” Well, what a pleasant young chap; Thank you Chef Mike. Book now by calling 01403 451468 and you can see Chef Mike’s menus on their website

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