Sussex Green Living appeals for homes to help keeping single use plastic recycling going in Horsham District

Sussex Green Living is appealing for help in the homes with single use plastic recycling during the covid19 crisis. Since 2012 Sussex Green Living with the help of lots of volunteers have been recycling specific single-use plastics. The materials are sent to and recycled by a company called TerraCycle.

Carrie the founder of Sussex Green Living is appealing for help “Over the last year the volume of donations has grown 10 fold, we have a wonderful team of volunteers we call the SGL Wombles who were helping sort every Wednesday afternoon at the Quaker Meeting House”, she continues “We had to make the decision to stop those team sorting sessions last week”.

Two volunteers are going to try to keep the lesser volume now being received, sorted and dispatched to TerraCyle. Helen Whittington, the onsite warden of the Quaker Meeting House will daily clean the handles on the bins in the meeting house garden, this being the main drop off location in the district (although there are six other parish locations and schools who also collect). Joy Carter, endearingly called chief Womble is going to remove the recycling to a remote location (using personal protective gear) and then trying to sort after 72 hours.

At this very difficult time Sussex Green Living is appealing to local collectors to try and collect and stockpile at home, or sort as seen in the photo above, then supply sorted making it quicker and easier for Joy to dispatch. Joy says “If we stop collecting these specific single use plastics, at the moment West Sussex County Council transport them to Germany or Holland to be incinerated as refuse derived fuel”, she continues “TerraCycle employ huge numbers of staff and are doing a brilliant job, if we suddenly stop dispatching materials to them staff will loose their jobs and the service will stop”.

Sussex Green Living has dispatched hundreds of thousands of tonnes over the 8 years it has provided this service, since December 2018 they started collecting crisp packet and have recycled 105,708 crisp packets. Learn more here , this guide shows exactly what can and can’t be recycled

The good news is that the UK is bringing in new legislation in 2023 that will make rubbish the responsibility of businesses that create it.

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