Coronavirus-Protecting yourself and others

Following the recent guidance from the Government and medical experts, we find ourselves in a very new situation as the coronavirus continues to spread.

An ever increasing number of cases as well as deaths show that there still isnt a handle on the pandemic that is sweeping throughout the world. Current figures for the UK show 5000 cases with 233 people sucumbing to Covid19. The South East currently being the area of the Country with the second highest number of fatalities- 43.

Whilst China is seen as the area of origin, Italy now has the highest rate of covid19 related deaths in the world and many comparissons are being seen with our current situation and how the Italian one escalated. After 14 days Italy reported 148 people had died from the virus, in the UK, after 14 days it was 144.

This is why it has now become imperative we look after one another by following the guidelines given by our politicians and health experts.

Putting it simply, dont go out unless it is 100% vital

Work from home if you can

Knock the social life on the head for a while. With symptoms not always being evident right away, you could be passing an illness onto somebody else without even knowing you are ill.

Wash hands regularly


Whilst to some, these measures sound drastic, there is evidence to support that these actions can significantly slow down the spreading of this virus as we put ourselves in front of less people.

Unfortunately for many, such measures could be detrimental to mental health, the added anxiety, the feelings of isolation and loneliness, the fear of “what if..” and for some an increase in OCD behaviours. The World Health Organisation have provided some great advice as have other groups in how to help yourself during these times if you are finding it hard.

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The amount of support for people at local, national and global levels has helped unite the world but there is still someway to go, we in the UK cherish our NHS and have some of the best doctors, nurses, surgeons, counsellors, midwives, professors and pharmacists in the World. We owe them everything right now and to follow the simple guidelines is in part, a way to make their lives a little easier as they risk theirs to help save ours.






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