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Winter Time at Bolney Wine Estate

Winter may be a quieter time of the year for many businesses, but at Bolney Wine Estate the hard work continues as their vineyard teams are busy preparing their vines for another year of grape growing and wine making. We asked the teams across both their Bolney and Pookchurch sites to tell us about winter in the vineyard. Here’s what Laura from Pookchurch said:

‘Winter in the vineyard evokes a certain sense of calm, but as part of the vineyard teams at Bolney and Pookchurch, we’re kept on our toes at this time of year.  Over the last month, we’ve had the physically demanding task of pruning the vines – which is the second biggest job in the vineyard calendar after harvest.

After a period of dormancy following harvest, our teams get back to handling our precious vines and we make key decisions to help lay the foundation for how the vines will develop in future seasons. We had a wet start to 2020, which meant we had little opportunity to get outside and begin pruning, so we’ve worked well into February over at Pookchurch to get this done. Our Bolney team were in a position to start pruning in mid-November across our Eighteen Acre and Foxhole vineyards so they’ve also had the chance to start what we call ‘pulling out’, which is the next stage of the process to remove the prunings from the vines (essentially the old vine wood).

Before budburst in the spring, the next task for our vineyard teams will be tying down the vines.’

Keep up-to-date with the progress of Bolney’s vineyard teams as the year progresses via their blog at bolneywineestate.com and on their social channels. Or if you’d like to see the progression of their vines for yourself, join one of their tours for a unique vineyard experience. Visit bolneywineestate.com for more information and to book your tour.

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