This week Collyer’s welcomed Hannah Pike, from the University of Law, Guildford Campus. Hannah hosted a spectacular interactive event to a packed group of students from across a range of disciplines including A-Level Law, Sociology and Psychology.

Janene Weymouth, Head of Law at Collyers, who organised the event, was very pleased with its success: “The Murder File event was fast paced and totally interactive. It focused around a murder crime scene and students had to work in teams to consider a number of elements, such as witness statements and evidence supporting a conclusion of whether the death was murder or manslaughter”

A-Level Law student Liberty Farley-Dove was delighted: “I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Murder and manslaughter are both topics that I study as part of my A-Level Law course, so the content was highly relevant and acted as timely revision as I head towards my final exams. In particular, I enjoyed the activity which tested our memory of a crime scene, linking to a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of eye-witness testimony.”

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