Merry’s pre-Christmas dash for democracy!

Although it’s no longer the Christmas season, the story of the grit and determination of a young Horsham student’s race against time, followed by her donation of £275 towards the Horsham Matters Night Shelter for the homeless this winter, needs to be told.

Meredith Howes-Yarlett is studying Astrophysics at Aberystwyth University, and applied for a postal vote for the General Election on 12 December in her home constituency of Horsham. It never arrived and she made the decision to race by train from Aberystwyth to Horsham in order to vote. Her postal vote turned up as she left for the station, but it still needed to be presented in person.

Merry then embarked on a journey of hundreds of miles using five different trains, with the goal of arriving in Horsham at 9.27pm, which would have given her just enough time to tear across to the council offices to present her vote before the deadline of 10pm. Her story spread across both Twitter and Facebook and she was cheered on by thousands of people!

Mum Rodena set up a Crowdfunder in Merry’s name to reward her dedication to democracy with the cost of her ticket with any surplus to be donated to the Horsham Matters Night Shelter, which provides food and shelter to the homeless over the Winter.
(Details here:

Sadly, due to train delays at Wolverhampton, a connection was missed, and Merry did not make it to Horsham in time to vote. However, some good has come from her adventure as Merry came to the Horsham Matters’ Charity Superstore on Monday (6 January) to present a cheque for £275, to be used to support Horsham street homeless people this winter.

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