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Dandelion Farewells celebrated their 5th Anniversary and launch their new Mobile Community Lounge

Dandelion Farewells celebrated their 5th Anniversary with the launch of their new Mobile Community Lounge and Community Connections programme at an event held in Wisborough Green Village Hall.

Inviting all residents who wished to join them for sparkling wine, cake and canapés; guests, professional colleagues, friends, well-wishers and clients from their home village of Wisborough Green and many of the surrounding villages enjoyed the warm, welcoming atmosphere as they joined the celebration and the new initiative was unveiled.

The mobile community lounge has been created by Judith Dandy, owner of Dandelion Farewells, to form an integral part of their new Community Connections programme.  She explained that “Death, funeral services, and aftercare support are often subjects that are not discussed until required. The Mobile Community Lounge will be in regular attendance in local villages and at community events, enabling the Dandelion Farewells team to become a familiar friendly face that is on hand to help or answer any questions or concerns whenever they come up.”

Sandra Donoghue, a Wisborough Green resident who attended the celebration said “I am so delighted to be here with Judith and to celebrate this five-year milestone with them.  What Dandelion Farewells do when caring for the deceased and their family is extraordinary.  When Phil my husband passed away, Judith and her team came to ‘take him into their care’ and it was unbelievably comforting to know that they believe the caring of a person and their body should not stop when they die.  They made the impossible and unthinkable task of saying goodbye and arranging his funeral do-able, and I will always be so, so grateful for the care and the dignity shown to us both.  We are very lucky to have Dandelion Farewells in Wisborough Green and to have their support for the many village activities they are involved in, as well as the caring professional service they provide.”

Talking at the event, Judith was full of praise for the help shown by everyone in Wisborough Green and the local village communities who play a key role in their wellbeing and success and said “I really thank you for all you have done over the past five years, and for the friendship and support you have shown to myself and my team.  It makes a huge difference to us, especially as some days are tougher than others and your kindness and support really does help.  Thank you for coming to share our celebration and for everything that you do.”

For further information on the Community Connections programme, or to talk to someone regarding any aspect of funeral care or bereavement support, please contact or call 01403 701001.

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