Councillors asked to approve publication of draft Horsham District Local Plan for consultation

Horsham District Council is currently reviewing and developing a new Local Plan which will guide future developments in the Horsham District until 2036.

At the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 30 January councillors will be asked to approve the publication of the draft Horsham District Local Plan 2019 – 2036 Regulation 18 Document for consultation from 17 February to 30 March 2020.

If approval is granted, the Council will finalise the documents for public consultation and residents, community groups and all other interested parties will be invited to comment from 17 February.   The document will be published alongside a number of supporting background documents which will be available to the public no later than 17 February.

All local authorities are now required by the Government to build a significant number of new homes in the coming years. The new Local Plan will set out how the District will meet the challenges of delivering these developments in a sustainable way, delivering the social, economic and environmental needs of Horsham District, as well as looking beyond our boundaries and bringing the right infrastructure, community facilities and job opportunities to benefit both existing and new residents, The Local Plan will also set the framework that allows local communities to prepare their Neighbourhood Development Plans.

The Horsham District Local Plan 2019 – 2036 will help the Council to:

  •  Shape where developments can take place in the District to minimise their effect on the environment and ensure the provision of appropriate transport links
  • Provide for a variety of homes to meet local needs, built to a standard that is at least 19% above the 2010 building standards regulations
  • Create policies that address the causes and potential impacts of climate change
  • Create policies that require improvements to biodiversity by at least 10%, ensuring that the vast majority of our countryside continues to be protected
  • Highlight to other public bodies the need to deliver infrastructure and community facilities to benefit both existing and new residents
  • Support new and growing businesses so that people can work locally to minimise commuting.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Development Cllr Claire Vickers said:

“I am really pleased that we have almost reached the stage where we can start our public consultation.

“This review will help us to ensure that our Local Plan will remain the platform for planning decisions from now until 2036.

“One of the aims of a new Plan is to set out how the housing number requirement is to be met in the most sustainable way, including aiming for an increase in biodiversity, a high percentage of affordable homes and good public amenities. We also need to consider how we provide local, well-paid jobs for our people.

“We want to hear people’s views on the draft Local Plan and I would now urge as many of you as possible to register on our website for regular updates and news, and to enable you to give your feedback on the options once the consultation starts on 17 February.”

There will be a number of opportunities to get involved during the preparation of the Horsham District Local Plan 2019-2036.

Those who wish to receive updates, comment on the plan and give their feedback during the first consultation stage on the first complete draft of the Local Plan will need to register at

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