Collyer’s Casualties: Horsham Grammar School in Two World Wars

A new book has been released, providing detailed individual profiles in chronological order of more than 136 former pupils who attended Horsham Grammar School (The College of Richard Collyer) to later serve as military personnel and perished during the Great War for Civilisation of 1914 – 1919, and those who became casualties in the Second World War of 1939 – 1945.

A limited edition of 250 copies, this hard back volume of some 762 pages, and 390 photographs and many maps, illustrates major offensives, battles and individual unit actions describing where the casualties fought and died. A large number of War Diaries, Squadron Operational Daily Records, primary sources official histories and individual first-hand accounts have been researched over many years and incorporated to complete the volume.

This unique work is of particular interest to relatives of the fallen and past pupils of the School. It is also a potential source book to family and amateur historians, educational authorities, research students, and all people who have an interest in military and social history, as well as those who have a genuine regard to learn more of Horsham’s past and its fine Grammar School.

Priced at £35.00 per copy the author Gary Cooper will be signing his work on Saturday 9th November, from 10.00am -12.30pm at the Horsham Museum. Further copies will continue to be available at the Museum.

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