Stone Shiva featuring Jason Falloon comes to The Rec Rooms this month

Shiva the Destroyer?, perhaps, but he’s also the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. (thank you, Wikipedia!)
Is Stone Shiva, a new musical project from local legend Jason Falloon, any or all of these things?
Comprising a trio of formidable talent, and initially instigated by the chance meeting with drummer John Coombes, with whom Jason appeared on the same bill in March of this year, the seeds were sown for a bold and ambitious new endeavour of a rock (Stone?) band concentrating on original material, that will grow and develop organically, and as Jason is wont to say “let’s see what happens”.
John was an early starter; pub gig debut at 13 and a tour of Holland at 16, back in Ol’ Blighty he soon found a regular gig with Rhythm Method, playing original numbers and then going on to further enhance his repertoire in the blues rock covers band Spittin’ Feathers. Following the demise of the Feathers a new band was formed from their ashes, with a harder R n B sound in the vein of Dr Feelgood and Nine Below Zero. Once again featuring original songs, the Voodoo Sheiks cut a formidable swathe through the southern blues scene, cutting 2 albums and playing such esteemed venues as the 100 Club and Camden Underworld.
Joining John to complete the Stone Shiva rhythm section and low-end anchor is none other than Jason’s brother Bob, who will bring new ingredients, sounds and perspectives to the Stone Shiva dynamic. An academic and alumni of the prestigious Leeds College of Music, during his time there he became an accomplished classical and jazz guitarist. After graduation Bob moved to France and cut his teeth in the extremely tough school of the Parisienne Jazz and Blues clubs, and also spent some time playing in Amsterdam. On returning to the UK Bob picked up the bass and joined Jason and Papa Falloon, forming the legendary folk, blues and country phenomenon The Falloons, whose legacy in Horsham and the South more than speaks for itself. He also demonstrated that he was no slouch as a full on rock player too, wielding formidable bass chops in Jason’s power trio Renegade. Following Papa’s “retirement” and Jason’s departure to Germany, Bob has concentrated on the slightly more serene occupation of teaching, not only at home but also as a well respected tutor at The Windlesham School in Washington. However, it seems you can’t keep an ol’ renegade down (see what I did there!), and he’ll be swinging that bass again, bringing stones to the Stone!
Having known Jason since primary school, this scribe was more surprised than most when he said he’d got a new band together. Since returning from a 17-year residence in Germany, where he achieved some success as the Jason Falloon Band, he’s concentrated on setting up and running his studio near Cranleigh for the last 4 years. Offering not only guitar session work over the internet, he has honed his skills in demo production, mixing and sequencing, providing invaluable and affordable services beyond the pockets of many would-be musicians and songwriters. A band hadn’t really been on the radar. But I suspect the main appeal of this burgeoning new project was the natural way it developed, happening upon a like-minded and committed drummer AND having a uniquely talented brother to throw into the mix, rather than going through the sometimes sterile, always gruelling production-line process of auditioning. And let’s not beat around the bush, this is serious stuff; a new band from Queen’s Roger Taylor’s go-to guitarist for his solo projects, someone who’s shared the stage with Ronnie Wood, Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford and Roger Daltrey (Could someone get a dustpan and brush so I can sweep up those names please?), a guy with his musical roots and heritage in Horsham itself; serious and very exciting!
So, back to Shiva and the name, Stone Shiva: Creativity – check; Changing the universe – possibly; Destroying – I certainly hope so!
Advance tickets £10, on the door £15

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