Intriguing Hitchcock thriller – The Lady Vanishes at The Capitol

Another special performance brought to Horsham’s Capitol courtesy of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, this quality interpretation of The Lady Vanishes certainly keeps you guessing from start to finish and beyond…

Set on a train travelling across continental Europe in 1939 at the outbreak of World War Two, the play captures the spirit of the time well. Nazi Germany was homing in on Europe, but the Brits on the train just want to carry on their lives as normal, more bothered about the cricket scores back in England than the threat of a pending war.

The Lady Vanishes follows socialite Iris Henderson, who discovers that her elderly travelling companion Miss Froy, has disappeared while she was sleeping in the train carriage.

Upon asking around about the missing lady, Iris is bewildered to find her fellow passengers denying ever having seen her. The only person she can persuade to help her find Miss Froy is a young musician named Max, and together they set about searching the train for clues as the mystery unfolds.

Playing to a packed audience on the debut night (Monday 21 October) the quality cast weaved their way through the many twists and turns of the story line – there was hi-jinks humour, romance, raw emotion and fast paced action.

The set design is inspired and plays a big part in this drama, the sliding door configuration of the authentic 1930s train with its realistic jostling was a great idea and well executed, adding to the mystery and the humour.

This is a production which combines fun, drama and suspense, all crammed into a couple of rail carriages.

Remaining performances: Fri 25 Oct 7:30 pm; Sat 26 Oct 2:30 pm; Sat 26 Oct 7:30 pm, Capitol Theatre

Tickets: Available online: www.thecapitolhorsham.com or via the Capitol Box Office: 01403 750220

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