Black Heart Angel (aka BHA) are an experienced, five-piece, classic rock, covers band based in the Horsham/Crawley area of Sussex.

A hard-rockin’ family of friends, BHA formed from the ashes of Hollows of Venus in late 2014. Tara (lead vocals, fruity swearing), Gibby (lead guitar, PA pains) and Neill (rhythm guitar, bv’s, admin), coaxed our secret weapon Kim (drums, the best t-shirts) out of early retirement and started gigging with HOV bassist Mike (bass, buses) in early 2015. After Mike’s departure, local Horsham legend Kris (caps, beard & bass) completed the epic legendary line-up.

Playing music they all love, BHA pride themselves on delivering a from-the-heart rock n’ roll experience; loud music, sing-a-longs, smiles and laughter. Expect classic bangers from the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, as well as some re-imagined hits from the 80’s and 90’s given the BHA treatment.

BHA collectively have a vast wealth of experience, with members having played in (or continuing to play in) bands such as Everafta, Cave, Hollows of Venus, Geist, Sonic Deluxe, Intermission, ManBitesDog, Red Mosquito, Scarecrow Rodeo, Paper Jam, The Conspiracy Mailman Band… they’re basically musical tarts, albeit massively talented, sought-after & experienced musical tarts, who love what they do.

BHA will be supporting originals band ‘Stone Shiva’ at Horsham’s REC Rooms on 26 October. To book, please visit: https://therecrooms.com/

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