Autumn Concert: Music of Freedom and Destiny

Christ’s Hospital Choral Society autumn concert is titled Music of Freedom and Destiny. The performance will feature three main pieces by well-loved composers Brahms, Verdi and Rutter.

Here are a few snippets of info about it all to entice you to attend.

Seaside summer holidays, 1868, and Johannes Brahms was struck by the sensational shoreline of where he was staying. It resonated with a poem by Friedrich Hölderin he had just read, and this combination stirred the 35-year old to compose the ‘Schicksalslied’, also known here as ‘Song of Destiny’. While inspiration seemingly struck him, it took the perfectionist three years to find the perfect finish. It is considered to be amongst Brahms’ best choral works.

‘Feel the Spirit’ is quite different in style. Contemporary composer/conductor/producer John Rutter gives a dynamic swing to his arrangement of the seven striking spirituals in this piece. Professional soprano Nina Bennet will join the choir to sing the solos.

Finally, Guiseppe Verdi. Many readers will know Verdi’s rousing ‘Va Pensiero’, or ‘Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’, the well-loved piece from his 1842 opera Nabucco. Verdi demonstrated an aptitude for music at an early start; aged eight, he was the official paid organist of his local church. Not much later, he started composing his wide variety of music. He became Italy’s most admired opera composer in the days that opera was a most important form of culture. In 1901, after 88 years of music making, he passed away. The funeral was full of music and passion and creative flair. More than half the residents of Milan assembled in the streets and sang the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, accompanied by orchestral players and professional singers, with Arturo Toscanini conducting. In fact, it could be the original version of the modern-day flash mob!

Has this whetted your appetite? In November, you will have the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful pieces in Horsham! Refreshments will be available, supporting Children’s hospice Chestnut Tree House. Saturday 2 November, 7.30 PM at St. Mary’s Church, The Causeway.

Tickets from Choir members or CH Box Office, 01403 247434, or at the door.

For more information on the choir, please visit https://chchoralsoc.org/

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