Pulling power gives Paul Talbot a big lift to World’s Strongest Natural Man 2019


Martin Read – Sports Reporter

Former Horsham rugby captain Paul Talbot followed his father Frank into the game, taking over the reins at the club as it rose up the leagues, and as a forward Paul was always strong, but now he is really turning up the heat by entering the World’s Strongest Natural Man competition in Finland next month. 33 year old Horsham resident Paul told the District Post: “I enjoyed my rugby, but I have always been fascinated by strength sports and being fit gave me a head start when I took it up seriously – but only as a hobby – three years ago”.        In a specially prepared 10 week intensive course, Paul trains with hard work and dedication at Horsham’s DUAL STRENGTH + Fitness Gym. He also uses weights in a power lifting programme with special equipment at an Ifield farm, adding: “I qualified for Finland by coming third at the Britain’s Strongest Man’s event. The tournaments that I compete in are drugs tested, so it’s a clean sport and I’d like to see it get onto the Olympics agenda.”   What will the World’s Strongest Natural Man challenge include in Finland? Paul Talbot says: “It’s a weekend event and Day 1 has a Truck Pull, a Frame Walk – 15 metres with the frame loaded with weights – then there is the Log Press with contestants timed on how many times they can roll the log up their body against the clock, and there will also be a Sack Carry, with the Top 9 from Day 1 going through to Day 2. On Day 2 there will be the Dead Lift, a Loading & Carrying Medley and a 2 Weight Crucifix Hold, with weights held in outstretched arms.  Paul Talbot relies on sponsorship to help fund his competitive strong man entries and later in the year he is booked for a record breaker attempt, having set his heart on attaining the British Log Press record. Meanwhile, Paul training with the District Post’s Managing Director, Davey Pearson can be seen at and there is also a Facebook group.

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