Horsham community step up to the Climate Crisis

With climate change in the news daily, heatwaves, the hottest July date ever recorded, wettest August and now the Amazon ablaze, who would blame people to despair? Help is at hand to Horsham District residents, on the first Saturday of every month at the Horsham Repair Café. Not only do the volunteers offer repairs, refills and recycling advice, but they give clean energy advice and switching and climate change solutions.
Governments have been talking about climate change since the early ’90s; it is only now, in 2019, that we are seeing fast escalating action, with more than half the UK’s principal local authorities having declared a climate emergency in the last eight months. The Horsham Repair Café, run by Sussex Green Living with the help of the Horsham Quakers and lots of volunteers, are stepping up to this climate crisis.
Carrie the co-founder of the Horsham Repair Café, and founder of Sussex Green Living, said: “Switching to clean energy is part of the solution within everyone’s grasp and is the biggest action anyone can take in the fight against climate change”. At the Repair Café, Carrie helps people switch to clean energy providers: “Everyone (bar one household) I have helped to switch has saved between £90 and £366 in their first year. So surely it is a no brainer to change”.
Catherine Edminson, one of the volunteers, added: “What many people do not realise is wind turbines and solar farms, as well as power stations, all feed their energy into the National Grid, like rivers running into a big pond. When you switch to clean energy, your supplier guarantees that however much electricity you take out of the ‘pond’, the same amount of clean energy will be put in.
“The more people who switch to clean tariffs, the more renewable energy that goes into the pond. This means that the energy sector is producing less pollution and carbon, which is crucial if we are to reduce global warming and climate change”.
In just 5 minutes, you can see a cost comparison with eight clean renewable energy by visiting: People can do this from the comfort of their home or if make an appointment at the Horsham Repair Café, taking a recent energy bill and you will be helped through the process. The next Repair Café is on Saturday 7 September and takes place in the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham (near Sainsburys car park and the library).
For lots of other ideas on how you can help in this climate crisis and reduce your carbon footprint then download ’22 Pledges to the Planet – action plan’ here:

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