HAODS 65th year celebration with 2nd performance: Romeo and Juliet

The weekend of Saturday 31 August / Sunday 1 September saw participants through 48 hours of workshops and a performance of Romeo and Juliet, as part of the Year of Culture, at The Capitol Theatre. HAODS proudly showcased a stunning one-off performance with a cast of 28, 12 of whom had only started rehearsing their scenes on Saturday. Lines were learned, songs practised, fight scenes choreographed and scenes blocked as the citizens of Verona created the magic of theatre for an audience on Sunday night. Costumes were fitted, lighting plotted and finally Romeo and Juliet took to the stage at 7pm in front of friends, family and the citizens of Horsham.
Josh Watts (Romeo) and Holly Morris (Juliet) recreated the first love of 15 year olds surrounded by their two families, at war and ready to fight. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy in the Shakespeare collection of plays, but also shows bawdy humour and compassion with Nurse  (Tess Kennedy) and the Friar (Jan Hacker) providing welcome relief along side Romeo’s friends Benvolio (Alex Brown) and Mercutio (Alicia Marson). Lord and Lady Capulet (David Johnson and Sue Tyrrell) and Lord and Lady Mercutio (Kev Summers and Hannah Wheatley) have to deal with Tybalt’s death (Amelia Douglas) and explain themselves to the Prince (James Douglas) whilst Paris (David Veitch) awaits his young bride.
Many of the parts in this production were taken by people not only new to Shakespeare, but also new to performing, thereby opening up the world of theatre to a new group of performers, united in a love of  the stage.

The production was directed by Yvonne Chadwell and Audrey Lucas, with Tara Lucas as Associate director; original music was provided by Andrew Donovan and lighting designed by Dan Barnes.

As the second of three shows for 2019 in HAODS’ 65th year, the society now moves on to bring My Fair Lady to the Capitol in November.

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