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Hall & Woodhouse receives a food hygiene rating of five across all managed houses

Hall & Woodhouse has been awarded a food hygiene rating of five by the local authorities at every pub in its managed house estate across the south.
The 52 pubs that make up Hall & Woodhouse’s managed house estate stretch from Bristol to Exeter, and London to Brighton. In Sussex, Hall & Woodhouse has seven managed houses, including The Black Rabbit in Arundel, The World’s End in Patching and The Hornbrook Inn, Horsham.
The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is facilitated by the Food Standards Agency in partnership with local Councils to provide strict guidelines on the hygiene standards of businesses that sell food such as cafes, restaurants and pubs. The scheme also allows guests to be educated on a business’ hygiene standards and therefore make more informed decisions about where they wish to dine.
All 52 of Hall & Woodhouse’s managed houses were assessed on the handling of food, how food is stored and prepared, the cleanliness of facilities and how food safety is managed during the inspections. As all the pubs have received a rating of five, which is top of the scale and it means the hygiene standards are very good and fully comply with the law. The Environmental Health Officers that carried out the inspections commended the pubs for the kitchen management diary system. This was developed with Shield Safety Group and plays a crucial role in how the pubs’ management teams and chefs manage their kitchen standards.

Ryan Cobb, Group Safety Manager of Hall & Woodhouse, explained: “We are extremely proud of our General Managers and kitchen teams who have been dedicated to the ‘Drive for Five’ and achieving this ambitious goal of reaching five Food Hygiene Ratings across the board. Integrity is a key value to us at Hall & Woodhouse and we have now been recognised for our commitment to imbedding a high level of food hygiene standards. Our approach has focused on making safety simple and nurturing a positive food safety culture to empower our teams to incorporate the highest standards of food safety and hygiene practices into their roles daily; it’s what our guests expect.”

Hall & Woodhouse is an independent family company that brews award-winning Badger ales and runs a managed house estate of 52 beautiful pubs across the south of England. The business is dedicated to supporting the Sussex community and its causes, having invested more than £5million into the county over the past five years, on top of their regular and extensive charity donations.

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