Horsham Business Returns from Charity Work in Kenya


South East Hearing Care Centres, based in Horsham, Chichester and Seaford, recently returned from a summer of charity work at the Reverend Muhoro School for the Deaf in Kenya.

The hearing aid specialist has supported the school for many years, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, hearing aids and batteries to the students, as well as expanding the school’s audiometric facilities.

As a mixed school for both deaf and able hearing students, the benefit is two-fold; deaf students can retain speech and all students can develop their sign language skills.

Reducing levels of poverty

The aim of the long-term support is to ensure that secondary level education in the area is improved for those with hearing difficulties, helping them get employment and reducing levels of poverty. This includes training for students in audiology and meeting with the local community, parents, and the local MP.

Based on the foothills of Mount Kenya, the school was founded in 1993 and now has 240 deaf students between the ages of 14-22, and 100 able hearing students.

Mould making equipment


Rob Davies, managing director at South East Hearing Care Centres said, “During this trip we were able to equip the school with mould making facilities, along with all of the required machinery and intensive training to use everything required.

This equipment means that they can now create their own hearing aid moulds, which offers them the potential to gain an income, at the same time as helping the school become an advanced audiology centre.

Having worked with the school over many summers, the growth is a delight to see and I look forward to returning in the future.”



Before the installation of this equipment, the process of mould making for the school was lengthy and less practical; ear impressions were taken during the centre’s summer visit and then taken back to England for manufacture, then sent back to the school for fittings.

In the past making moulds at the school would take a few months, from now on the process now means that the same task can be completed in just a few days. This heavily reduced waiting time makes a big difference for students and other deaf individuals in the area and will help the school become self-sufficient over time.

Help with sponsorship


A full year of sponsorship – including a student’s boarding, uniform, meals and education is only £250. Sponsored students provide regular feedback to Rob and share how the support is helping them.

If you would like to support South East Hearing Care Centre’s ongoing charity work, you can choose to sponsor or part sponsor a student. To do this, simply email the team on for more information, or call 01403 218863.

Generous support has been received from hearing aid manufacturers, Rotary clubs, patients of the centre and colleagues.

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