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Photos by Cheryl Zimmerman

People turned out in force to support and enjoy this year’s Horsham Battle of the Bands ‘Cover Acts’ and ‘Original Bands’ finals in the Human Nature Garden on 17 th August.

The results were:


1. Machina

2. Parallax

3. The Danny Dangerously Band



1. Alter Ego

2. The 19 Naughties and Paul & Mike Stanworth (tied)

3. Spanish Matinee

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Spanish Matinee

The Acoustic Originals competition at The REC Rooms the week before turned up the following result:


1. The Golgis and Liam Carter (tied)

2. Shaune Murray

3. Kosta D


The winner of both originals competitions each won an AudioBeach Studios single package, a single release with AWAL and a photoshoot with Chilledvondub-Photographic. The covers winners won £250 cash and 3 free rehearsals at QM Studios.

BotB committee chairman Mark Daly said:

“It was a great day out on Saturday, all the bands were on form and obviously enjoyed playing in front of a large and appreciative crowd in the sunshine. It was cool to think that on the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival, the Horsham Battle of the Bands final was sponsored by Woodstock IT Services! Special thanks must go to the High Gain team: Tom Viney, Jamie Friday and Sam Albrow. Through no fault of their own, they were down to a skeleton crew but nonetheless managed to build the stage, put together the PA and backline, oh yeah, and ran the bar! The Horsham Battle of the Bands Competition has been re-energised and we are already looking forward to BotB 2020!”

Co-organiser and host Jamie ‘Stan’ Stanley said:

“Last year was quite a struggle because we lost funding as a result of the Horsham District Live Music Alliance (HDLMA) disbanding and the competition formally becoming independent. This year we didn’t struggle for sponsorship at all, the standard and number of bands entering was very high, all the events were well attended and the whole thing was a massive success. So huge thanks from me to everyone involved in making sure the legacy and future of this nearly 30-year-old Horsham institution remain intact. See you all next year!”

All BotB events this year were free entry and part of Horsham Festival and the ‘Year of Culture’ fringe. The website www.horshambotb.co.uk will be open for entries for Horsham BotB 2020 soon, follow the Facebook and Twitter for announcements. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event next year please send an email to info@horshambotb.co.uk

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