The Hawth is delighted to announce that the Crawley theatre is now serving freshly prepared pizzas in partnership with renowned pizza company, Barrel & Stone.
Next time you come along for a show, why not arrive a little early and treat yourself to a delicious stone baked pizza made the traditional way using fresh ingredients? The menu has eight enticing pizzas to choose from, and there are vegan and gluten-free options available, to ensure everyone is able to enjoy their own.
Like all great food, great pizza comes down to the careful selection of ingredients and their preparation. Those on offer at The Hawth are created using the finest ingredients that pay homage to the original Napoli pizza masters but also add their own twist from modern Italian culture.
The pizzas will be prepared fresh to order and cooked on traditional stones that are heated to a high temperature in order to deliver authentic, thin and crispy base that will have you coming back for more, time and again.
Dave Watmore, The Hawth General Manager, said: “It’s great to have something new to offer our customers who choose to dine with us. As Pizza Ambassadors for Barrel & Stone, we are all committed to the same high levels of quality and excellence –  and I can confirm that all the pizzas are absolutely delicious; I took the tasting very seriously!”

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