Shelley Primary School Win Games Gold Mark Award

Shelley Primary School in Broadbridge Heath have, of late, been enjoying more than fair weather, with a recent visit by Jeremy Quinn MP,  a School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2018/19 academic year and an overall grade of ‘Good’ with the grade of ‘Outstanding’ awarded to its Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, and its Early Years provision, by Ofted.
The school was previously inspected in February 2017, when it was graded as ‘Requires Improvement’. It has been less than two years since the new headteacher, Kirsty Fitzscott, took up post, so this is a wonderful achievement.
The new headteacher, along with the existing experienced senior team, determined in September 2017 that the school would be the first choice for parents in the local community, and that the hard work required to improve the school would be to the benefit of all children and equally not be to the detriment of staff wellbeing. Middle leaders in the school noted to inspectors the strong culture of respect between all staff members. Parents were equally complimentary when answering questionnaires reviewed during the inspection: “My daughter goes to school very happy each day and after school she is still as happy, which is a good indicator that the ethos of togetherness, respect and kindness does really go through every aspect of school life at Shelley”.
Inspectors observed learning in all classes, observed two assemblies and met with members of the governing body, senior leaders and middle leaders. They noted ‘pupils understand and appreciate the high standards that teachers have. One pupil explained that although teachers have high expectations they will always stop and explain if a pupil is not clear about something.’
Unsurprisingly, the school community is delighted by the recent Ofsted report. Kirsty Fitzscott noted that staff and governors at Shelley Primary School will continue to improve outcomes for its pupils, echoing the school’s mission statement of ‘Working Together to Become Even Better’.

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