Keen to help tackle the challenge of recycling the non-recyclable, a six year-old pupil at Heron Way has spearheaded the introduction of crisp packet recycling across the school. And the response has been phenomenal!
Embracing her role as Eco Council rep for year 1 pupils, Wren Crocker researched with her grandpa what happens to rubbish that can’t be recycled. They stumbled across Terracycle, who were in talks with Walkers Crisps to set up a system to recycle the vast number of crisp packets taken to landfill sites.
Wren took the idea to the Eco Council, where they discussed what benefits such a system could bring to the school, then contacted Terracycle to find out more. The result – a shiny purple wheelie bin now has pride of place outside the school hall, and Heron Way is one of the first schools in the area to embrace this type of recycling.
“Finding the bin was really fun”, said Wren, “And I have enjoyed designing posters to tell my classmates all about it.”
Mrs Doyle, who runs the Eco Council, has been impressed with the response from pupils across the school: “We seem to have gone into overdrive with litter patrols! Children are bringing empty crisp packets in from home too, so the bin is full on a weekly basis. We are thrilled it’s turned into such a collaborative effort at home and at school to embrace recycling”.
Heron Way’s Eco Council has also been involved in a worm census, where the children dug for worms and submitted counts as part of a nationwide global warming survey. They also hold meetings and assemblies across the school to talk about the environment, our impact on it and how we can make a difference.

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