Places Leisure raise money for Heart to Heart Trail

Places Leisure, Horsham contract has been working closely with St Catherine’s Hospice to raise money for HeART to Heart: a brand-new art trail in West Sussex and East Surrey. This exciting new event gives our local community the chance to follow a trail of hearts across the Hospice’s catchment area, with each heart individually and uniquely designed by a local artist.
Hearts for Horsham is the name that has been given to a local campaign to raise money to bring a number of hearts to Horsham and District.
This is a community campaign inspired by the fantastic work that St Catherine’s do to support so many life’s in the area. The campaign is being led by local St Catherine’s fundraisers, supported by Horsham District Council.
The Pavilions in the Park, The Bridge, Steyning and Billingshurst Leisure Centres raised a combined total of £4,042.22 by running various charity raising activities, including car washing, roller discos, leg shaving and much more.
Three of the Places Leisures’ stand-out money raisers were David Parsons, Michelle Young and Graham Clarke, who managed to raise over half of the total by getting their hair shaved, coloured, or running a Tea Dance for the Forever Active members.
One of the Hearts from the trial of Hearts will be located at The Bridge Leisure Centre for a limited time and the public has been invited to “please pop down and see it before it goes up for Auction!”

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