Neighbourhood Wardens target drugs awareness across Horsham District

Horsham District Council’s Neighbourhood Warden teams worked in partnership with Sussex Police to promote and support National Drugs Awareness Week from 24 to 28 June, offering advice and safeguarding information across the Horsham District about the dangers of drugs use.
In Pulborough, the Wardens spent an afternoon at Pulborough train station, distributing information and talking to some 30 residents about how drugs can affect people’s lives.
The Horsham wardens attended a local youth support club where they discussed the harm illegal drugs can cause. They also held a street briefing in the Carfax in partnership with the police, undertook three joint patrols with Police Community Support Officers to drugs hotspot areas and patrolled Horsham Park and train station, engaging with the community about reporting drug use and how to access local support organisations.
In Billingshurst, the wardens dropped into the youth club and visited areas where young people congregate, in order to promote drug awareness.
The Storrington wardens spent time at the bus station where the older school children get off the coaches, handing out drugs information leaflets. They also gave out information to any other young people they saw around the village.
In Southwater, the wardens gave a drugs awareness presentation to the Southwater Youth Group.
The young people were keen to engage in related activities and discussions around identification of illegal substances and the harmful effects. The wardens also attended Christ’s Hospital train station, handing out information leaflets to both young people and adults.
The wardens in Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding visited Steyning Grammar School at the end of the school day, handing out drug information leaflets and talking to students about the dangers of drug use.
Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Community and Wellbeing, Cllr Tricia Youtan, said: “Drug misuse is a growing issue and I am pleased that, as a council, we made a real success of the Drugs Awareness Week, with so many of our Neighbourhood Wardens engaging in so much activity across our local area.
“It was a really successful example of working in partnership with other third party agencies to run a number of effective activities, offering advice and support in our communities.”
In addition to the warden activity, on Thursday 4 July, there was a free information briefing session in Horsham’s Park Barn for parents of secondary school age children, regarding drugs and criminal exploitation. The evening was run by PC Darren Worsfold and Kirsty Lindgren from WSCC’s Children’s Services, with support from the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team.
For a downloadable information leaflet for parents, please visit and search for ‘drugs information’ then click ‘support for parents’ The leaflet is at the bottom of the page.

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