Community groups to benefit from a new Horsham District Community Lottery

Community groups whose work benefits residents of the Horsham District are being encouraged to sign up to benefit from the new Horsham District Community Lottery.
60p from every £1 ticket will go to charities, voluntary organisations and other good causes whose work benefits Horsham District communities.
Players of the lottery can win a £25,000 jackpot, plus smaller prizes.
Set up by Horsham District Council, the lottery was launched to community groups on Wednesday (17 July) by Cllr Tricia Youtan, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Matters and Wellbeing, at an information event in Billingshurst Community Centre. The event was very well attended by almost 60 community groups, all keen to know how they may get involved and benefit from the lottery.
Cllr Tricia Youtan encouraged local community groups to join the lottery, and stressed: “This is a really exciting day because it’s all about local charities, the voluntary sector and not-for-profit organisations. This is a lottery for the residents of the District.”
One of the first groups to join the new lottery was the Billingshurst Community Partnership – a group of volunteers dedicated to delivering projects to enhance the well-being of the town and its surroundings. Denise Campbell, the Partnership’s Chairman, said: “We were keen to support the lottery not only for the benefits it can bring to us as a Partnership but also for the benefit it will bring to our local community. For small organisations, getting this money is going to make a big difference and will go a long way.
“We’d encourage other local good causes to sign up. All you have to do is commit to spreading the word about your own lottery page and reaching a minimum of at least 20 ticket sales”.
Supporters will buy the tickets and supporters will choose where 50% of the ticket sales go to. For every £1 ticket sold, 60p goes to good causes – 50p is given to the group nominated by the ticket buyer and 10p to support other good causes within the Horsham District through a fund that will be administered by the council.  20p goes towards prizes and the remaining 20p is for VAT and administration of the lottery.
Players have a 50 to one chance of winning one of the prizes, which range from the £25,000 jackpot to three extra tickets.
A lottery management company, Gatherwell, has been appointed to run the scheme, having already launched many similar lotteries elsewhere. Ben Speare, Gatherwell’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that Gatherwell has been awarded the opportunity to run the new Horsham District Community Lottery. We’re looking forward to helping support Horsham District’s community groups in partnership with Horsham District Council.”
Good causes who want to benefit can register now at:
Telephone: 01403 434010
The website is also where residents can buy tickets when the lottery goes live at the end of August.

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