Children call for ‘Climate Action’ at Billingshurst Carnival for 3rd year running

On Sunday 30 June, children from the Horsham and Billingshurst area demonstrated their creative skills in calling for rapid de carbonisation and a clean and healthy environment, for people and animals, at home and across the world, in the Billingshurst Carnival.
The procession for 2019 and the last two years was organised by Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living, an environmental awareness and education initiative, co-founder of the Horsham Repair Café and initiator of the South East Climate Alliance.
This unique greener living procession was formed of people of all ages and promoted greener transport, clean renewable energy and climate solutions, including an entourage of electric cars.
Carrie explained: “Climate change is in the news most days now, which is excellent. About 115 councils around the UK have announced climate emergency. On 26th June, Horsham District Council acknowledged a of motion strong scientific evidence and growing public concern about a wide range of damaging  environmental matters, including a climate emergency. West Sussex County Council who [sic] noted Climate Emergency on 5th April”.
In 2016, Carrie trained with the former US Vice President, Al Gore, in climate change communications. She added: “Many people see climate change as a big and scary subject and try to avoid it. It’s kind of like talking about the monster under the bed; Once you talk about the monster under the bed, you’re not so scared. Now you’ve talked about it, and we can do something about it. The same applied to climate change”. There are about 19,000 Climate Reality Leaders, globally; about 170 in the UK and 7 in West Sussex.
Sussex Green Living ran a stand at the Billingshurst Show and talk to people about what they can do to make a difference. Learn more by visiting

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