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The Olive Branch: your venue of choice

The Olive Branch in Horsham has long been a favourite venue for diners and drinkers but now under the stewardship of new owners Dave & Fiona Richards it looks set to become even more popular. Over 30 years of experience in the trade will certainly help and with a proven record of success behind them, they have set themselves a goal of making The Olive Branch your venue of choice.
Work began earlier this year on renovating the venue with research going into many different parts of the business that Dave felt needed a change, “We had a good look around at what everyone is doing and in Horsham there are some amazing pubs, nowhere specialising in burgers though so we thought it would be a great idea.”
Now he feels ready to share the fruits of his labour and introduce us to, “The Burger Shack ” at The Olive Branch. A dining experience,  with a difference as Dave and his team give you the option to try burgers that you may not find on an everyday pub menu, it won’t just be burgers flying out of the kitchen though as traditional classics like cod & chips,  bangers &mash and steak feature as well.
We were kindly invited to check out what is on offer and as far as first impressions go, we were impressed. A really polite team member greeting us at the bar then escorted us to a table where we were able to pour over the 14 different burgers on offer!
What instantly impressed us was that there seems to have been a great attempt to cover a multitude of food types,  with flavours from Spain, Mexico, Japan and the USA among others,  it could be possible to spend longer choosing what to eat than actually eating itself.
After a starter of some excellent halloumi sticks we settled on our burger choices, one Korean beef served with lettuce and kimchi and a crunchy katsu chicken.
Both were colourful and full of flavour,  using the kimchi to help give authentication to the Korean beef was a great touch and certainly enhanced the taste.
The crunchy katsu will no doubt be a favourite among customers, each bite giving you a subtle yet fully flavoursome hit of this Japanese classic.
If though, you are reading this and feel neither are to your taste, you may want to sink your teeth into a pork belly burger, maybe spiced carrot and chickpea is more your thing or would a beef chilli sloppy joe be what you need?
The burger shack certainly has you spoilt for choice with vegetarian options also in plentiful supply.
There is always room for desert and after settling on a brownie with salted caramel sauce and doughnuts complimented with a variety of dipping sauces you definitely wouldn’t be wrong in thinking your eyes are bigger than your belly.
It isn’t that the portions are massive,  they are all just incredibly filling.
Before we left we had a quick chat with Dave who told us,  “It’s not just about the burgers,  our hotdogs are something else, we sourced the chorizo locally and that particular hotdog is just….wow, and then there are the shakes,  we spent a long time on these and feel we have some incredible milkshakes for everybody.”
Its with this that Dave presents us with one of his “hard shakes”, a baileys cookies and cream shake. Its the kind of treat that you don’t want to end. Even if not a fan of Baileys, you’ll be enjoying this for a while!

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