Rhino Boy ‘proud’ to become Guinness World Record holder

You may remember us covering a story about Horsham local, Chris Green or Rhino Boy as he is famously known, and his fundraising in aid of the charity Save The Rhino International.

Last week Chris received confirmation that he is now a Guinness World Record holder for ‘Fastest Marathon dressed as a three dimensional animal’.

Chris told The District Post ‘I am proud to hold this title on behalf of the Rhinos and for a great charity in Save The Rhino International. I am also immensely proud also to represent Horsham on the World Stage.”

Rhino Boy is currently in the middle of a long series of challenges and from July to date he has run 18 Ultra, Mara and Rhinothons. These events  have included a 100mile run from Richmond to Oxford which I covered in 25hrs running through the night and other long distance ultras along the North and South Downs. The challenges have also included Marathons in places as diverse as Liverpool, Marrakesh and Malaga.

Chris continues “The Rhinos are my inspiration and their heartbreaking plight my motivation. On average 2-3Rhinos are killed every single day! Slaughtered by poachers for the illegal trade in their horn so we need to fight back and do everything possible to help organisations like Save The Rhino International combat the poaching and habitat loss which has pushed this awesome species to the very brink of extinction!”

People from all walks of life have been so kind and generous with my campaign so far and I am so grateful. “

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