Mailman releases sixth of twelve 2019 singles

‘Sunshine Heart’, the 6th single from the third Mailman album S3ASON (season three), was released digitally on 21 June.
Co-written by original Cutting Crew bassist Colin Farley, the track also features legendary session drummer Clem Cattini, who has played on no less than 43 UK number ones, including ‘Get It On’ by T-Rex and ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’ by The Walker Brothers.
Mailman frontman, Jamie ‘Stan’ Stanley, said: “Clem is a legend. He’s 82 and retired now. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get him one more top ten hit? Or even a number one?! It only takes 1000 sales to enter the Top 40, but no-one really buys music any more. And 1000 streams equals 1 sale, so the odds are against it – but you never know!”
S3ASON is being released as twelve singles, one for every month of 2019, with the album released in January 2020. The 7th single comes out on 26 July.
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