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Horsham’s first Children’s Parade this Summer

Horsham’s first ever Children’s Parade is planned to take place on Sunday 7 July 2019 as an official part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, Horsham Festival 2019 and the ever-popular Funday Sunday family event.

Horsham Children’s Parade is being described as a ‘walking exhibition’ showcasing the imaginations and creativity of Horsham District’s children through a glorious spectacle of giant models, vibrant costumes and upbeat music paraded through Horsham’s town and park. It will enable children from 17 schools (approx.1000 participants), aged 7-11, to work with professional artists, learn about a diverse range of art and artists and showcase their own artwork.

Art & Artists has been chosen as the parade theme and will feature artists from contemporary giants to past masters from around the world. Participants will interpret the theme in their own inventive ways. Ideas so far include everything from Salvador Dali’s ‘Melting Clocks’, to Damian Hurst’s ‘Splatter Paintings’, to Yayoi Kasumi’s brightly coloured ‘pumpkins’, to an effigy of Andy Warhol himself. The parade will gather at Duke’s Square Car Park on Denne Road, before setting off up Denne Road at 11.30am, into East Street, round the Carfax, along West Street into Springfield Road and then along North Parade where it will enter Horsham Park at 12-12.15pm to become part of Funday Sunday.

Spectators are invited to gather along the route to cheers the children along on their journey and enjoy the fantastic creations they have made.

Horsham Children’s Parade 2019 is an official part of The Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, and Horsham Festival 2019, enabling the children to play a key role in two important cultural events.

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