A new group to help boost business in Horsham!

Small business owners will now be able to come together with the aim of helping everyone achieve success.

This new group will learn from each other, give support and ultimately boost their business. The Boardroom will meet monthly and members will be able to learn from the others, gain feedback on a new idea or get help in solving a problem.  Everyone works together to grow thier businesses.

Karen Burge, an entrepreneur and business mentor, is launching The Boardroom in Horsham. She explained: “The Boardroom will be like having your own Board of Directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one.”

Karen thought of creating The Boardroom when she saw how popular high level masterminds are: “I’ve seen CEO’s of large companies spend upwards of £1000 a month because they see the benefits. I’d like to give the same advantage to the small business owner at a very reasonable cost. Networking groups are great, but you’re there to market yourself. The Boardroom is where we come together and focus on ways to grow our business.”

The first Boardroom will be held on 11 June from 9.30 to 1pm, at Bill’s Restaurant in Market Place, Horsham. To book your place, go to and look for “The Boardroom” in Horsham.

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