5 Facts about VPN Services that You Didn’t Know

Plenty of individual users and corporations use VPN to defend their actions on the net. According to recent studies, 1 out of 4 users around the world use VPN.  Obviously, this market sphere becomes highly competitive that is also proved by reliable sources as Bestvpnrating. However, many people still do not know these 5 amazing facts about VPN. We bet you will be surprised by reading them.×599.jpg


  1.      VPN providers do not share their users’ data

There is such a common misconception that VPN suppliers keep logs of their users in order to transmit this data to authorities. This is not true! User`s data is collected to monitor potential network fails or improve the quality of the services provided. There are countries in which the government can legally require suppliers to transfer user logs to them.


  1.      Citizens from 30 States are restricted to use VPN

It is a fact that in authoritarian States, access to VPN services is blocked. Authorities forbid to use VPN services by setting control over their citizen’s activity on the Internet.

Despite the inevitable technological progress, they block websites whose administration has different views for various reasons: to ensure national security, to strengthen social values ​​or to maintain political stability in the country. North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Syria, and Russia are among those 30 States where the usage of VPN services is forbidden.


  1.   You can save on subscriptions with VPN

Broadcasting services and other Internet resources offer various prices for the same subscriptions to residents of different regions. Whether you change your IP using a VPN, you can get a discount for the desired Internet subscription.


  1.      You can save money on booking online tickets and hotel rooms with VPN

Websites change the prices of the same tickets and room reservations depending on your location. In the digital world, you can secure your location using a VPN service and save money on your next trip. To change your location, you have to clear browser cookies in incognito mode. Just make sure to turn off VPN during online banking and PayPal, as many accounts have already been blocked due to suspicions that fraudsters used them.…0.0..3.124.1046.4j6……2….1j2..gws-wiz-img…..0..0i67j0.2E_YOknvtlc#imgrc=rcl1mYLPAAxbkM:


  1.      Even if you use a VPN, hackers can steal your data

It is true, but the VPN service makes this task incredibly complicated. Of course, a VPN service can change your IP address, hide you from curious eyes and encrypt your data, but there is still a chance that you will become a victim of cybercriminals. At the same time, encryption makes it less possible. So, even if the possibility of a cyber attack remains, it is always much safer to use a VPN network than not to use it.


VPN technologies are an effective way to work on the Internet without worrying that your private information will be publicly available. For this reason, all our devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, and laptops, should be connected to a VPN.

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