No Incinerator 4 Horsham intends to appoint a London-based Planning Barrister from Landmark Chambers

The campaign No Incinerator 4 Horsham (Ni4H) has started Go Fund Me for a barrister and technical experts, to robustly represent residents, at the Public Inquiry, who oppose plans to build a huge commercial and industrial incinerator in rural Horsham.
Ni4H Chairman, Peter Catchpole, explained: “Residents are always at a huge disadvantage, when it comes to getting expert support to help them fight complex planning applications like the proposed incinerator in Horsham. Developers always have very deep pockets to fund professional advocacy for their plans, which local communities do not. As a group of concerned local people, we are organising ourselves so that we can fundraise to buy specialist expertise to continue to make our case in opposing the building of an incinerator in Horsham at the upcoming Public Inquiry. We are asking our supporters to help us by making donations, so that we can get the best possible legal representative to act for us and capitalise on the first-rate case we have to present on behalf of local residents.”
Ni4H Vice-Chairman, Kevin Slatter, said: “In a time where there is growing awareness around our environment and air quality, with pledges from national and international governments to reduce carbon emissions and to tackle air quality affecting our health, it just seems the wrong time to build further incineration plants. Whether its ‘Global warming’ or your ‘Health’, incineration is taking us in the wrong direction. An incineration plant would be with us for the next 30-40 years so NOW is the RIGHT time to make the RIGHT decision.”

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