Mailman releases 4th of twelve 2019 singles

‘Tortured Soul Complex’, the 4th single from Horsham, UK based Mailman’s third album S3ASON (season three), came out in all digital stores on April 26.
Mailman frontman Jamie ‘Stan’ Stanley said: “This one is an antidote to the madness of the modern world, a comment on the importance of looking after one’s mental health and keeping things in perspective. The universe really couldn’t less about our neurotic ego driven nonsense and will crack on with or without us, basically. So get over yourself!”
S3ASON will be released as twelve singles, one for every month of 2019, with the album released on all formats in January 2020. The fourth single ‘Love Heart World’ will be released on May 31.
Anyone keen to help with promotion can donate via paypal using the email address emporiaweb@yahoo.co.uk and follow Mailman on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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